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     There is an old saying I am reminded of at this time... "the best laid plans of mice and men..."

     I had planned on having the magazine back up and running by this time, but of course life got in the way of my plans. As I said in an earlier posting, I am completely re-working the magazine. I want it to reflect the new technology and be viewable by everything from your desktop computer to cell phones. Up until this point, and including this page that you are viewing, I have done all the layouts in a table format. By defining the table size, I was able to design everything to fit on the standard piece of paper that is in everyone's printer. The idea, of course, being that it made the magazine home printable. In recent years though, less and less people have downloaded the printable version of the magazine because more and more of you are reading it through other devices, or just simply not wanting to print the magazine out. This is part of the reason why I am changing the format.

     We will be going to a more "web site" format, with different navigation and a whole different look. This will make it much easier to view all the pages of the magazine (and yes, I'm still calling it a magazine!) no matter what device you use to view it on. But creating a new look and a new site from scratch is hard to fit into my already hectic schedule. I work 7 nights a week and have school and homework, so finding "extra" time to work on the magazine has been tough. The only good news is that I see light at the end of the tunnel! I have been able to re-structure about 90% of the pages so far and expect (oh THAT word again) to have the magazine up and functional this month.

     I apologize for the delay and hope our loyal readers will stay loyal and keep looking for us. I do promise that when it's done, we will be better than ever and worth the wait!

     To check out some of our back issues while you're waiting ... click here

     Ride safe and free!




The World's first online monthly motorcycle magazine in a home printable format! This monthly motorcycle magazine is FREE for all motorcycle enthusiasts from the casual rider to the hard core biker, from the import enthusiast to the touring biker. We have articles, babe of the month, jokes, product reviews and more. This makes White Line Magazine an international information site dedicated to giving bikers the best entertainment and information, in a true magazine format. This online magazine is dedicated to the motorcycle riders around the world. You value your freedom. You ride free. Harley Davidson to Import, this free magazine celebrates the enjoyment of the open road. Full fledged bikers to weekend warriors, we will have articles, tech tips for your bike, jokes and more, every month. A special is the babe of the month. And as we grow with our free magazine you will have more freedom of choice for your motorcycling needs. Live Hard and Ride Free!